Court grants preliminary approval to settlement for HP printer owners, final approval hearing scheduled for April 25, 2019


A class action settlement with HP concerning its unexpected printer disablements has received preliminary approval in federal court.

The settlement creates a $1.5 million fund to benefit people whose inkjet printers stopped working when HP deployed a technology known as dynamic security.

The plaintiffs alleged that HP disabled printers running on non-HP replacement ink cartridges to coerce purchases of its own aftermarket cartridges. HP argued in its defense that the disabled cartridges infringed its intellectual property rights. In March 2018, the Court granted in part and denied in part HP’s motion to dismiss.

The claims process will begin in early 2019. HP also agrees not to enable dynamic security on the printer models at issue in the case. HP will separately pay all notice and claims administration costs as well as any court-awarded attorneys’ fees.

A final fairness hearing is scheduled for April 25, 2019.

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