What is a Class Action?

Class actions are lawsuits brought to protect many people who have been impacted by the same problem. For example, a class action lawsuit could be brought on behalf of everyone who:

Are Many Needed for a Lawsuit?

If you are having problems with a company—whether it’s your retailer, a company you bought stock in, or even your employer—many other people may well be having the same problems. A class action suit is often a good solution in these situations because it can allow large groups of people spread across the U.S. to all benefit from a single case.

Getting Started

Even though class actions often help hundreds or thousands of people, it does not take that many people to get started. Instead, class actions often begin when a single person who has been wronged steps forward. To speak with one of our class action lawyers, call toll-free 1.866.981.4800 or contact us.

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