Square Reader TCPA Investigation


Girard Sharp is investigating reports that consumers have received unsolicited text messages from retailers who use the Square Reader, a device—usually white—attached to smartphones or tablets that customers run their credit cards through during the checkout process. Frequently these text messages are for “loyalty” programs that the consumer did not sign up for. The messages often state: “Welcome to our Loyalty Program!” or “You just earned X loyalty points!”

If you did not provide the retailer with your phone number for such a purpose at the time of your credit card purchase, it’s possible you’ve been receiving text messages that may violate state and/or federal law. Protect your rights by speaking with a Girard Sharp TCPA attorney by calling (866) 981-4800 or submitting your information below:

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Possible TCPA Violations

If you, or someone you know has made a credit card purchase that used the Square Reader, and you have since then received unsolicited loyalty texts from Square and/or Square’s client retailers, please contact a Girard Sharp TCPA attorney by calling (866) 981-4800 or submitting your information above.

How to Document Evidence of Potential TCPA Violations

We recommend that you take the following steps to document evidence of potential TCPA violations:

  • If you received unwanted messages on your cell phone, please save the text messages and your cell phone bills.
  • If you received an unauthorized text message, please save a screenshot and send it to us. You can upload it by completing our online survey here.
  • If you ever sent a letter, text or email to stop receiving texts, please keep a copy for us to review.

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