Southern Baptist Convention of Churches Sexual Abuse Investigation


Our attorneys are accepting inquires from victims of sexual abuse reported to have occurred within the Southern Baptist Convention of Churches (“SBC”).

If you or a loved one were a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault within the Southern Baptist church, please contact a Girard Sharp attorney. Protect your rights by calling us toll-free at (866) 981-4800 or submitting your information below for a free and confidential consultation:

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More Information About the Southern Baptist Convention Church Sexual Abuse Investigation

The Washington Post reported on May 22, 2022 that leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention of Churches released a 300-page report following an independent, third-party investigation that revealed decades of sexual abuse within the church. The report also found that SBC leaders secretly kept an internal list of sex offenders in order to avoid the possibility of getting sued.

According to the Post, “[w]hile stories of abuse were minimized, and survivors were ignored or even vilified, revelations came to light in recent years that some senior SBC leaders had protected or even supported alleged abusers.” The article also states that “[s]ex abuse survivors, many of whom have been sharing their stories for years, anticipated Sunday’s release would confirm the facts around many of the stories they have already shared, but many were still surprised to see the pattern of coverups by the highest levels of leadership.”

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse within the SBC, you may have a legal claim. Speak to an attorney about your rights by filling out the form above or calling toll-free at (866) 981-4800.

Our Commitment to Victim Advocacy

Girard Sharp has substantial experience in class action and other complex litigation on behalf of sexual abuse survivors. Our Sexual Abuse and Women’s Advocacy attorneys have a track record of successfully taking on large institutions. We believe that people who were subjected to sexual abuse deserve to have their cases heard, to be fairly compensated, and to have tenacious and ethical legal representation.

Our attorneys have built a strong track record of recovering compensation for victims of sexual abuse and misconduct, while remaining sensitive to client confidentiality and concerns at all times. We served as co-lead counsel in a class action against the University of Southern California and campus gynecologist George Tyndall on behalf of women who were sexually abused by Tyndall during his long tenure at USC. The settlement established a $215 million fund and gave every survivor a choice in how to participate, as well as requiring USC to adopt and implement procedures for identification, prevention and reporting of sexual and racial misconduct. Our lawyers also filed a class action lawsuit against UCLA on behalf of women treated by UCLA gynecologist James Heaps, who was charged with sexual battery and exploitation of patients while working as a staff gynecologist at UCLA, a position he held for almost thirty years. The UC Regents agreed to resolve the claims for $73 million, plus injunctive relief measures similar to those obtained in the USC case. Both the USC and UCLA sexual abuse settlements were approved as fair, adequate and reasonable by federal courts.

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