Tesla Autopilot Crash Investigation


Girard Sharp consumer attorneys are investigating reports of a potential defect in 2014–2021 Tesla Models Y, X, S, and 3 that can result in collisions while the vehicle is in autopilot mode.

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More About the Tesla Autopilot Investigation

Recent reports—including of fatal collisions—suggest that Tesla placed its 2014–2021 Models Y, X, S, and 3 on the market before ensuring the vehicles’ automatic emergency braking technology was safe for consumer use. The system’s autopilot mode may lack an effective system for crash avoidance, and as a result, these vehicles when traveling on autopilot may collide with foreseeable roadway features, such as median dividers and barriers.

At the time the Tesla models at issue were released, the technology existed to design and build an electric motor vehicle with a safer, more effective autopilot system.

Tesla advertised the subject vehicles as “state-of-the-art” and safe, despite the dangers presented by their reportedly inadequate autopilot safety system.

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