Pending Cases

  • 10.09.2019

    Girard Sharp has filed a class action complaint charging JUUL with unlawfully marketing dangerous e-cigarettes and manipulating nicotine delivery to maximize addiction, causing a public health crisis and harming tens of thousands of minors and adults across the country.

  • 08.27.2019

    Girard Sharp has filed a class action lawsuit following reports that certain Allergan BIOCELL© breast implants may cause anaplastic large cell lymphoma (“BIA-ALCL”), a cancer of the immune system. Access a copy of the complaint here.

    Allergan implemented a worldwide recall of BIOCELL© implants in July 2019.

  • 08.21.2019

    Girard Sharp has jointly filed a class action complaint asserting that DXC Technology Corporation violated federal law by making false and misleading statements and omissions about the benefits from its “strategic roadmap” for conducting business following its merger with Computer Sciences Corporation. If you are a current or former shareholder of DXC Technology Corporation (NYSE Ticker: DXC), you may be entitled to compensation.

  • 08.15.2019

    Girard Sharp has filed a class action complaint asserting a global conspiracy among manufacturers to fix prices of and allocate market shares for a key hard disk drive (HDD) component. If you purchased a hard disk drive in the United States between May 2008 through April 2016, you may have a claim for relief.

  • 08.06.2019

    Girard Sharp has jointly filed a class action lawsuit with Gibbs Law Group following recent reports that CannTrust Holdings may have operated a cannabis facility without proper licensure. On news of the licensing issues and government scrutiny, the trading price of CannTrust’s stock (NYSE Ticker: CTST) declined substantially.

  • Girard Sharp and Gibbs Law Group have jointly filed a class action complaint against UCLA on behalf of women who were treated by UCLA gynecologist Dr. James Heaps. Heaps has been charged with sexual battery and exploitation of patients while working as a staff gynecologist at UCLA—a position he held for almost thirty years.

  • The settlement website is now up and can be accessed here. The deadline to submit a claim is October 7, 2019. Information about how to submit a claim and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the website. Please note that final approval is still pending. You can follow us on Twitter @GirardSharp for updates on the settlement.

  • Preliminary approval for the amended settlement in the USC Tyndall class action has been granted, and the claims period is now open. Survivors can make claims or get help and information by visiting
  • On April 10, 2019, Girard Sharp LLP and its co-counsel filed a motion seeking approval of a proposed $9.75 million settlement in a class action lawsuit against Google and Huawei relating to the Nexus 6P smartphone which plaintiffs allege to be defective.

  • Girard Sharp has filed a class action lawsuit against LG on behalf of US consumers who purchased LG refrigerators equipped with linear compressors.  Plaintiffs allege that LG has known about the compressor defect since 2014, and that despite its knowledge of the compressor defect, LG has sold and continues to sell these refrigerators without alerting purchasers to the problem.  

  • Humira Antitrust Litigation

    On March 20, 2019, Girard Sharp filed a complaint against pharmaceutical companies AbbVie and Amgen alleging the companies engaged in anticompetitive practices with respect to the biologic drug Humira. Plaintiff Fraternal Order of Police Miami Lodge 20 Insurance Trust Fund, on behalf of itself and a proposed class of Humira purchasers, alleges that AbbVie has created a “thicket” of over 100 patents to frustrate other companies’ efforts to sell competing versions of Humira, and that AbbVie colluded with Amgen to keep Amgen’s product off the market, resulting in continued high prices for Humira.

  • Girard Sharp has filed a complaint following claims that Fidelity Investments is pocketing tens of millions of dollars per year at the expense of its retirement-plan clients by charging them hidden fees that may violate federal law.

  • Girard Sharp is investigating claims that Premier Financial Alliance, First Financial Security, FRA Financial Group, and similar companies have been carrying out an unlawful pyramid scheme involving the sale of universal life insurance policies issued by National Life Group.

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