Pending Cases

  • Preliminary approval for the amended settlement in the USC Tyndall class action has been granted, and the claims period is now open. Survivors can make claims or get help and information by visiting
  • 05.14.2019

    Girard Sharp LLP and its co-counsel filed a motion on May 10 seeking approval of a proposed $7.25 million settlement of a class action lawsuit against Google concerning allegedly defective first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

  • 04.11.2019

    On April 10, 2019, Girard Sharp LLP and its co-counsel filed a motion seeking approval of a proposed $9.75 million settlement in a class action lawsuit against Google and Huawei relating to the Nexus 6P smartphone which plaintiffs allege to be defective.

  • 04.01.2019

    Girard Sharp has filed a class action lawsuit against LG on behalf of US consumers who purchased LG refrigerators equipped with linear compressors.  Plaintiffs allege that LG has known about the compressor defect since 2014, and that despite its knowledge of the compressor defect, LG has sold and continues to sell these refrigerators without alerting purchasers to the problem.  

  • Humira Antitrust Litigation

    On March 20, 2019, Girard Sharp filed a complaint against pharmaceutical companies AbbVie and Amgen alleging the companies engaged in anticompetitive practices with respect to the biologic drug Humira. Plaintiff Fraternal Order of Police Miami Lodge 20 Insurance Trust Fund, on behalf of itself and a proposed class of Humira purchasers, alleges that AbbVie has created a “thicket” of over 100 patents to frustrate other companies’ efforts to sell competing versions of Humira, and that AbbVie colluded with Amgen to keep Amgen’s product off the market, resulting in continued high prices for Humira.

  • 03.19.2019

    Girard Sharp has filed a complaint following claims that Fidelity Investments is pocketing tens of millions of dollars per year at the expense of its retirement-plan clients by charging them hidden fees that may violate federal law.

  • 03.06.2019

    Girard Sharp is investigating claims that Premier Financial Alliance, First Financial Security, FRA Financial Group, and similar companies have been carrying out an unlawful pyramid scheme involving the sale of universal life insurance policies issued by National Life Group.

  • On April 25, 2017 our Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) attorneys filed a class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo. The plaintiffs allege that Wells Fargo used an automatic telephone dialing system (“ATDS”) to repeatedly call the cellular phone numbers of persons who had no prior affiliation with Wells Fargo. 

  • Generic Pharmaceuticals Pricing Antitrust Litigation

    We were appointed to serve on the plaintiffs’ steering committee in litigation against pharmaceutical manufacturers in which several executives have pleaded guilty to colluding to fix generic drug prices. 45 state attorneys general have alleged a sprawling conspiracy on the part of the drugmakers.

  • Jay Peak EB-5 Ponzi Litigation

    We were appointed to plaintiffs’ steering committee in EB-5 investor litigation in U.S. district court in Miami and secured a $150 million partial settlement for investors; the case continues against a remaining bank defendant and an individual defendant.

  • Endurance Warranty Services TCPA Litigation

    We sued Endurance Warranty Services for pestering our client with numerous telemarketing
    calls. Our client never agreed to receive Endurance’s calls and continued to receive them even after asking to be taken off the calling list.

  • FieldTurf Product Liability Litigation

    We represent Fremont, California, in a case against the manufacturer of a defective artificial turf surfaces. This multidistrict case is pending in federal court in New Jersey.

  • Capacitors Antitrust Litigation

    We represent direct purchasers in a multidistrict proceeding in federal court in San Francisco in a case that follows a number of electronics executives pleading guilty to fixing the prices of capacitors, tiny electronic components found in devices from toasters to cell phones. Together with lead counsel, we have secured settlements of nearly $100 million to date and the case is proceeding to trial.

  • We sued Uber for sending dozens of text messages to our client’s cellular phone even though our client repeatedly asked Uber to stop texting him. We allege that Uber’s text messages violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

  • Exploria Resorts TCPA Litigation

    We sued Exploria Resorts for repeatedly calling our client to encourage him to purchase one of its timeshares. Our client never agreed to receive calls from Exploria, and Exploria continued to call after our client asked to be taken off the calling list.

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