Nexus 6P Product Liability Litigation

Girard Sharp has filed a consumer class action lawsuit alleging that Nexus 6P smartphones suffer from a defect that manifests in two interrelated forms: (1) an endless bootloop cycle that makes the phones completely inoperable; and (2) accelerated battery drain that causes phones to shut off prematurely. Individuals potentially affected include:

  • All persons within the United States who purchased a Nexus 6P smartphone, other than for resale, between September 29, 2015 and the present.

Read a copy of the lawsuit here.

Did you purchase a Nexus 6P smartphone?

If you purchased a Nexus 6P smartphone that has been affected by a battery or bootloop defect, please contact Girard Sharp for a free and confidential attorney consultation.

Defective Nexus 6P Smartphones

Nexus 6P phones affected by the bootloop defect will cycle through the start-up sequence repeatedly without ever advancing past the Google screen. Nexus 6P phones affected by the battery defect suddenly power down despite showing a battery charge ranging from 10-60%.

Owners of Nexus 6P phones have lodged complaints about these defects on forums, social networks, and other websites.  One consumer initiated a petition requesting that Huawei and Google repair or replace the defective phones. The petition’s website includes a video depiction of the bootloop defect on a Nexus 6P phone.

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