Samsung Stove Oven Range Temperature Control Class Action Lawsuit


Girard Sharp has filed a class action lawsuit against Samsung following reports of a temperature control defect in Samsung’s stove oven ranges.

Access a copy of the complaint here.

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More Details about Samsung’s Stove Oven Ranges

Samsung stove oven ranges reportedly suffer from a defect that causes the ovens to be at lower or higher temperatures than what was set by the consumer. Some report that when they set the oven temperature, the actual temperature is often 20-100 degrees lower than what was set. On the other hand, the oven range can unexpectedly reach high temperatures creating a potential fire hazard and burnt food.

Additionally, there are reports that the stovetop knobs will turn on to high heat no matter what the temperature dial is set to or will unexpectedly turn on when the knobs are slightly bumped creating a fire hazard. Under such high temperatures, the Samsung stovetop may crack leaving consumers with an unusable product.

Purchasers that reach out to Samsung often face difficulty with their service department and wait weeks or even months for tech support to diagnose the issue. These consumers are often left with a repair bill in the hundreds of dollars when denied warranty coverage due to the product defect.

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